Dental Technology

The field of dentistry has improved considerably over the years. Patients now experience a more comfortable, enjoyable time in the dental chair. Information is readily available where years ago there was often a wait to get the results needed to continue with some dental procedures. Dental materials have also advanced, providing patients with more aesthetically pleasing and durable oral prosthetics.

At Southern Dental Group, we stay current with the changes and advancements in dental technology, procedures and techniques in order to provide our patients with the absolute best dental visit. You will experience a new level of comfort in our offices which goes beyond a serene, relaxing atmosphere. Our dental equipment and procedures are top-of-the-line; we invest in patient comfort. Dental materials and equipment used at Southern Dental Group are safe and effective.

Dental X-rays, Intraoral Cameras

Among the dental equipment we use for your safety and comfort are digital X-ray machines and intraoral cameras. Digital X-rays provide us with immediate information about what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. Even though a well-maintained traditional X-ray machine puts out less radiation than a day in the sun, our newer digital machines put out much less than that.

In addition to less radiation, the newer machines use computer imaging to immediately show us the information we need to know. Traditional X-ray film required chemicals and time to develop the images. The newer machines save on time and they have less impact on the environment since no chemicals are used in developing film.

Our intraoral cameras allow us to show you the things that the dentist sees when looking in your mouth. We are also able to see areas around your teeth that cannot be seen by just looking in your mouth. Intraoral cameras make exams and procedures more effective and efficient since they take the guesswork out of areas that are hidden from view.

Newer dental technology provides quieter, faster and more efficient equipment. This means your dental visit will be more productive, less time-consuming and more comfortable. We hope you enjoy your visit with Southern Dental Group. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about any of our procedures and the equipment used to perform them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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