It is a rare person who can boast of naturally straight, permanent teeth with no misalignment whatsoever. More often, there is some degree of malocclusion that occurs either as a result of nature or due to other factors. A person’s jaw can be too small to accommodate a full set of teeth. This would cause crowding. By the same token, the jaw could be too large. In such a case, small gaps would appear between teeth.

When a child sucks his or her thumb, the pressure can change the shape of the bone structure causing teeth to grow in “bucked” or protruding. Missing teeth can also change the alignment as remaining teeth shift out of position. Some misalignment can be severe, while other cases are very minor.

At Southern Dental Group of Munford, we help straighten misaligned teeth with dental care. The orthodontic treatments we offer provide you with an opportunity to get the straight smile you want. Having a smile with nicely aligned teeth enhances your appearance, and also adds to your oral health.

Misaligned teeth can cause many problems that affect your mouth. Chief among these is gum disease. Cavities can develop in difficult-to-clean areas caused by misaligned teeth.


Straightening your teeth is easy and convenient with Invisalign. This method gently moves the teeth into the correct position by using smooth, clear plastic covers that fit over your teeth. The covers, or aligners, are changed every two weeks or so as your teeth slowly glide into place.

Invisalign Southern Dental GroupInvisalign makes straightening your teeth simple. There are no wires or brackets to be concerned about. At mealtime, simply remove your aligners and enjoy your meal. Put them back in when you are finished. You can maintain your usual oral care as well.

If you have misaligned teeth, book an appointment for a consultation at Southern Dental Group of Munford. We will be happy to discuss your options and tell you more about the Invisalign system. Many older adults either did not have the opportunity to have their teeth straightened as youngsters, or opted not to do it. With Invisalign, even older adults are making the change to straighter teeth. It is the convenient and discreet way to change your smile. Contact us for more information.

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