Does It Hurt to Have a Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Munford TN General DentistThird molars, also known as wisdom teeth, can be a real pain. They can hurt when they grow in, hurt when they don't grow in properly, and hurt if they get infected with cavities or gum disease.

But now you might be worrying: if it's time for your wisdom teeth to be extracted, will that hurt too?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedures

Happily, you'll be nice and numb for the entire process. You won't have to feel any pain or discomfort. You may be aware of a tugging sensation, but nothing is going to make you very uncomfortable. A little anesthetic injection takes care of that.

If you prefer, we’ll also set you up with an appropriate sedation medication to help you relax. You can doze and relax your way through the entire process.

Challenges of Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Having a wisdom tooth out is one of the most straightforward procedures in dentistry. On occasion, however, some unexpected problems arise. Complications like twisted roots or extra nerves can make your appointment a little longer than anticipated.

But one thing you can always be sure of is that Southern Dental Group experts put your comfort in first place. No matter how long treatment takes, we're going to make sure you are relaxed under a light and compassionate hand.

Need To Have A Wisdom Tooth Out?

Contact the Southern Dental Group for a wisdom tooth consultation. If you need an extraction, you'll be surprised at just how comfortable it can be. In fact, putting off the extraction could leave you in more pain than ever before.

Don't wait! Call us today to schedule.

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