Ideally, every person would have a full, beautiful smile throughout their lifetime, with their natural teeth intact. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case. Due to factors beyond our control, and sometimes through neglect, teeth are lost along the way. If you have missing teeth, they can be restored.

Dentures are an affordable restorative dentistry treatment to replace your missing teeth and reestablish an appealing smile. Whether you are missing all your teeth or just a few, dentures provide a great option for replacing missing teeth. Your ability to chew foods properly is restored when you have dentures. You may also experience a boost in self-confidence when you realize that you have a full, beautiful smile to wear.

Full & Complete Dentures

When all your teeth are missing, your ability to eat healthy foods like raw vegetables is greatly impaired, if not curtailed altogether. A set of dentures brings back that ability. You will be able to chew meats and eat crunchy veggies and healthy snacks. We provide full dentures for both top and bottom jaws. They look like natural teeth and they are comfortable to wear.

If you have been without teeth for a while, it will take time to get accustomed to wearing a new set of dentures. You may experience some sore spots, and the dentist may need to make adjustments. However, you will find that eating the foods you love and having a wonderful smile are worth the change.

Partial Dentures

When you still have some of your own teeth, a partial denture may be the solution for those that are missing. Partial dentures are used when dental bridges are not advisable. Partial dentures are removable so you can maintain your usual oral hygiene. Your dentist will tell you how to care for your new partials, so you can keep them feeling and looking great.

Missing teeth do not need to affect your well-being or your smile. Come to Southern Dental of Bald Knob for a consultation. Find out more about dentures and how they can improve your oral health and your smile. Contact us to make your appointment today.

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