Emergency Dentistry

When you are going through trauma caused by a tooth, the last thing you want to do is sit in a hospital emergency room unless they can solve your problem. Unfortunately, hospital ERs are seldom able to handle dental emergencies adequately. In most cases, you will not find a dentist on the emergency room staff. You may have a long wait and will probably be given a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication and then be advised to see your dentist.

Southern Dental Group of Wynne is available to patients with dental emergencies during office hours. We are equipped to handle all dental treatments and if the situation allows, we can do more than prescribe medication. There are occasions when a tooth is in such a condition that a patient needs antibiotics to curtail the infection before anything further can be done. There are also times when an immediate dental procedure can provide relief.

We also realize that not all dental emergencies involve trauma or pain. A broken denture or loose crown may not be an emergency needing immediate treatment; however, there are still situations that need to be addressed quickly. We are prepared to help with all your dental emergencies. When you need urgent dental care, call Southern Dental Group for help.

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