Dental Implants

When you only have one tooth missing, getting a partial may not be the best choice. A dental bridge requires a lot of prep work and means crowns on both teeth adjacent to the replacement tooth. While these are both wonderful restorative dentistry treatments under the right circumstances, there is yet another option that may fit your situation better.

A dental implant is a superior way to restore a missing tooth. It begins with a minor surgical procedure. A small titanium post, which looks similar to a screw, is placed in the jawbone where the root of the missing tooth would be located. It is allowed to graft into the bone tissue. After this process is complete, the area is ready for a crown. The crown is then placed on the post and cemented into position. The result is a replacement tooth that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Implants can also be used to create abutment teeth for bridgework. Some people have implants to hold their dentures in place. In this situation, the implants lock onto the denture, securing it so that there is no need for dental adhesive pastes or powders.

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